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Sports Clubs Fixture Board

By 5th July 2021July 9th, 2021fresh news

Sports Clubs Fixture Board

Changeable Fitures Boards are available to buy from Readerboards. So you have decided to invest in a Sports Clubs Fixture Board. Let’s take a look at the very best way to purchase this asset for your club. Furthermore, after you have read this, you will be well on your way to receiving delivery. Moreover, you will be getting exactly what you want without any surprises later! In addition we¬† have broken the article into four main catagories

  1. Board Size
  2. Fixture Board Design
  3. Functionality
  4. And the weather!!!

Sports Clubs Fixture Board Design

The board’s size is 1660mm x 1180mm. This is an exact dimension based on various production criteria and manufacturing considerations. Therefore, as a result, it is with high probability that an alternative size will not be possible. Secondly, if you order a plyboard backing board, this will add an additional 20mm on both dimensions. The design of the board is taken from a preset template. Lisewise, this also has been designed with manufacturing considerations. Therefore, as a result, the design will include 2 rows of LPm 15, followed by 2 rows of Lpm 22. Furthermore you can see examples below. However, you can use any colour themes of your choice to compliement your own club colours. Finally, you will need to supply static copy along with club logo or crests.

To sum up, a plyboard is not automatically added to your order. Instead you have the choice of adding one of two thicknesses. However, on the other hand we encourage every customer to order a backing board. As a consequence, we are able to further improve it’s ability to withstand the weather, by screwing additional fixings into the board.

Functionality and the Weather!

The board’s functionality needs to be considered. This means the board is manufactured is to withstand, sun, rain and most importantly wind. Sports clubs are well known for the wind. Just take a minute to think of your ground. How windy can it get in mid November? Consequenly we use various component parts to secure the tracks and plastic screens to the board. The tracks are rivetting into place. Moreover the screens are bolted down. Finally, our unique security system, means only you can alter the message.

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