Letter Ledge Changeable Letters


Letter Ledge Changeable Letters

Letter Size: LPm 08, LPm 15, LPm 22

Letter Ledge not included

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Letter Ledge Changeable Letters

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  • 175 letter tiles supplied See letter sizes here

About Letter Ledge Changeable Letters

A letter display system that simply sit at an angle on your desired shelf or ledge. A perfect gift for any home owner who appreciates inspirational messages, proverbs or sayings. This means there is no need for letter tracking, moreover, it allows you to choose your own ledge type, the material, size and lenght.

The letter tiles are made from clear pvc plastic. Their thickness is 450 microns. However LPm 08, our largest letter size in the range is a whopping 700 micron. The letter tiles therefore will not droop or bend, once on your desired ledge.

The Letters are clear plastic with black ink. They are produced using a print process known as screen printing, which results in solid black letters. Furthermore, if you want to be very organised and efficient we also offer a variety of letter cases to keep your letter tiles in. This means, not only will your letters be safe, but also much quicker to change

More about Our LPM Letter Range

The ‘LPM’ in LPM Lettering stands for letters per metre. The larger the LPM number the smaller the letter size. Each pack comes with a minimum of 175 letter tiles including lettres, numbers, social media symbols and puctuation marks, like commas, full stops and question marks. Red letters are available in bundles of 30 tiles.



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LPM 08, LPM 15, LPM 22