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Worldwide Deliveries of Changeable Sign Kits

By 21st May 2020April 14th, 2021fresh news

Worldwide Deliveries of Changeable Signs

Follow these simple steps for Worldwide Deliveries of Changeable Signs, which will guide you through the process. This means your new letters and tracking for your sign will be delivered anywhere in the World within 5 days.

Firstly we need to understand what your proposed order is. Conveniently, we have added a save and share button on the cart page. This means you can send us over your requirements. Please email your cart link to

In a very short while we will return a paypal link, which will include both prices for letters and tracks and also the delivery.

Below are the 3 simple steps you will need to carry out. This means we will be able to offer a non UK delivery cost back to you.



Once at the cart page, click on the ‘save and share’ cart button.

worldwide deliveries of changeable signs



Now a box should pop up. Click on ‘generate link’.

worldwide deliveries of changeable signs

Now generate link and COPY AND PASTE into a new email. Do not use email option on cart page. We will be back with a unique paypal link. This will include your original order of letters and tracks and non UK delivery costs.  Generally speaking your order will arrive in 5 working days.

*Emails can get missed or removed into our spam filters. If you do not hear back in 2 hours get back in touch.




Readerboards use a host of delivery companies for your new letter and tracks. All our chosen delivery couriers operate within a 7 working day window and include all major countries around the world. On receipt of order you will be provided with tracking. This means you are able to follow your parcel’s progress through the delivery network. Likewise we follow this also. In the unlikely event that a parcel goes missing, we will endeavour to rectify the situation as soon as practiably possible for you.

Customs & VAT

In the vast majority of cases VAT will be waivered to overseas destinations and the VAT element will NOT be included.

All countries will operate their own customs checks and procedures. These vary greatly. For example european distinations, generally will have free right of passage, whereas deliveries into the USA carry far more stringent procedures. Furthermore you will be required to be familar with these instructions and your own responsibilities regarding customs.

Non UK Symbols

For non UK customers, readerboards offers other currencies and symbols in red. For example we offer dollar signs and euro symbols. Thses can be ordered separately and included with your non UK delivery. Check out our red letter tiles here