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Sign Care For Changeable Signs

By 22nd June 2020June 28th, 2020fresh news

Sign Care For Changeable Signs.

Sign Care For Changeable SignsSign Care for Changeable signs is a very important consideration. Your new sign with changeable letters will arrive fully assembled. This means all the components and elements are all ready in place.  Consequently, all you have to do is erect it. This may be on a wall or on existing posts that a previous sign may have been on.

Remember to watch out for a separate parcel with your delivery containing spare components and security devices.

Here are a few ‘do’s and don’ts’ to ensure the get the very best out of your new sign.

The Position Needs to be Considered for Good Sign Care For Changeable Signs

UV light damage is the major consideration! This is the biggest potential problem your new sign will encounter. We therefore suggest, if possible, to avoid erecting the sign facing due west. Westerly aspects attract more harmfull UV rays and therefore the greatest amount of sun damage.

New Messages in your New Sign

changeable fixture board for sports club. Interchangeable plastic lettersOff course, change the message as much as you like. However, we strongly reccommend NOT leaving the same message inisde the screens for long periods of time, especially during summer months. For example during a close season if you are a sports club. Again, the sun’s light durring the summer months, hitting the same letters will lead to greater chances of UV dammage. Instead, remove all letters from the channels, but replace the weatherproof screens, back in their positions. Never, leave the sign up without the screens, regardless whether you have a message in them or not.

Security Devices.

A Changeable promotional Sign using pplastic american style cinema sign lettersAnother aspect to you new sign are the security devices. These componemts protect your new message from being tampered with. Do not overtighten the screws onto the plastic screens, when replacing, messages. Ideally, tighten down until you feel the first gentle resistance. Also, use all four screw points only if you feel the postion of your new sign is vulnerable. Quite often two will be sufficient or even just one! All ways keep the security wrenches in a safe place, as without them, your screens can not be secured.


new replaceable plastic letters being applied into the pvc letter trackingFrom time to time, you new sign will need to be cleaned. This includes giving the screens a good wipe. For this, we suggest using household window cleaning products or fluids. Also the letter channels will need a clean. Use household products again for this. However, avoid any product that contains bleach. Run a kitchen wet wipe through the channels. This will remove debris and dirt that can build up.


You may wish to consider how best to store you new letters. Afterall, you will have a lot! Consider buying a storage box. These will save you loads of time and fuss. Have a look at ours here.