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Lightweight Letters

Lightweight Letter Packs are our newest range of changeable letters for sign boards. Designed to be used if on a very tight budget. This means the same great retro feel, but without the tug on the wallet. Designed to be used for indoor use only, The Lightweight range have the same 175 letter tiles packs, but produced on very thin clear acetate. Not Suitable for lightboxes or a sign illuminated from behind.  Lightweight Letters are available in our 3 smallest sizes; LPM 45, 33 and 22.

Preparation Prior To Use.

Your New LPm Lightweight Clear Letters will arrive as printed pairs. LPM 33 and LPM 45 are required to be cut with scissors once delivered. To help with the process we have printed a dotted line at the very top and bottom of each double tile. Simply cut twice: once to the right of the line and once to the left. We estimate each pack will take only 20 minutes to assemble. Then you are ready to start changing your sign. Ideal for taproom or craft Ale Menu Boards, where your sign isnt illuminated.

LPM 22 is ready to go without any further preparation

Weighweight Letters: same great Rero feel, on a budget!!!!!