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LPM Lettering For Indoor Use

The ‘LPM’ in LPM Lettering stands for letters per metre. The larger the LPM number the smaller the letter size. Each pack comes with a minimum of 175 letter tiles with LPM 45 coming with double packs of 350 plastic letters. Letter counts are available on each product page Rather than sliding, LPM 08, 15, 22 and 33 can be just as easily pinged into position. LPM 45 will prove easier to slide. If using outdoors, weather screens are advisable to protect your messages from gusts of winds and UV damage. Tamper proofing is available if signage is outdoors in a vulnerable location. We do not sell ‘kits’ for tamper proofing, but produce bespoke signs in our workshop.


If you require support, why not ask for a Free drawing of your ideas first. We will send over a jpeg showing your mesage board idea with the letter size you have chosen and your unique message. We can even super impose it in a photograph. Check out our situ proofing.

Important Information.

Though the tracks come with a self adhesive strip outdoor signage will require additional gluing or riveting. We are unable to give any cast iron guarantee to the effectiveness of our self adhesive tracks, due to vast amount of differing surfaces and conditions, such as stream, condensation and heat. A spare piece of tracking is always supplied. Use this piece to gauge the effectiveness of the adhesive strip on your chosen surface.