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How to Make A Sign Using Changeable Letters

By 10th March 2020fresh news

How to Make A Sign Using Changeable Letters

How to Make A Sign Using Changeable Letters is a simple process. Firstly, a cardboard template will be supplied with your order, this will get your tracking parellel and the correct distance apart. Furthermore, the template has a URL printed on it. Visit this page to understand fully best practices for assembling your new changeable sign

In this article though, we are going to look at the scenerio where you are receiving both 50cm and 1 metre tracks. This may happen when you are buying large amounts of tracks.  Moreover, it could also be that your desired sign size is for example 1.5 metres wide or more. In any case, being supplied both 1 metre and 50cm tracking will make the job of creating your changeable sign, simplier and more pleasing to the eye!

To acheive the best effect possible, you will need to hide, where possible, join lines. This is where two sections of tracking are joined together, giving the illusion of a continuous strip. For changeable signs with one metre of tracking or less, there is nothing to worry about. You simply butt up the two sections of 50cm letter tracks.

How to Make A Sign Using Changeable LettersThe Step And Repeat Technique for laying Tracks Over 1.5 metres.

There are two options for laying tracks using this process. Firstly, you can step and repeat channels as shown in the top half of the diagram. Likewise, you can alternatively step and repeat individual tracks as shown in the bottom half of the diagram. Both have the same desired effect, of visually disguising join lines. Remember always to test the tracking first, before applying to your chosen surface to see how well the adhesive strips work. You will be amazed how this simple process actually makes the joins vanish, as the brain struggles to compute and send the ‘step and repeat’ pattern to the eyes.