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Cheap Changeable Letters for Signs

By 28th June 2021June 29th, 2021fresh news

Cheap Changeable Letters for Signs.

Cheap Changeable Letters for Signs will be instore very soon. These are are made from very thin acetate, instead of the semi rigid plastic used in our standard LPM letters. This means that our production costs are much lower. Therefore we can pass these savings on to you! We call these cheap changeable letters LPM 45 Lites.

More Information on LPM 45 Lites.

These new letters tiles are great and cost effective if you reqiure lots of letter packs. Maybe you are creating a new beer menu board. This means you often you will require lots of letter packs to have sufficient numbers and letters. Consequently the price of your order can begin to go through the roof. To combate this we originally introduced additional numeral only letter packs. Thus reducing the need for ording complete sets of 175 letter tiles for your changeable sign. However, as lockdown measures have decreased we have now gone further. Consequently, interest in changeable menu boards have accelerated. Therefore we have introduced a new range. LPm 45 lites are made of acetate . This means it’s a more cost effective material.

Preparing LPm 45 Lites

Unlike our original LPM 45’s, LPM 45 lites come as printed pairs. This means, before you use them you are required to separate them into singles . Preparation time is only around 20 minutes. Firstly, grab a pair of sharp scissors. Then cut either side of the printed dotted line. Before long you will have created your very own full set of 175 letter tiles.

Cheap Changeable Letters for Signs Usages

LPm 45 lites are NOT intended for outdoor uses. Furthermore they are not designed to be used for lightboxes or signs which are illuminated from behind. Digital printing does not produce the same intense black. Unlike screen printing which produces a very dark letter tile. Lightboxes produce bright light strenghts. Consequently, the black tile will appear to be milky.

Lastly, there is no need to worry about the appearance. LPm 45 lites use the same great retro font, but at a fracftion of the cost!!

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