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Changeable Fixtures Board

By 21st May 2019fresh news

Changeable Fixtures Board.

A great example of how to erect a wooden structure to support your outdoors changeable fixtures boardsOur latest Changeable Fixtures board is now fully up and working. So here is some information on Kimbolton’s latest Outdoor sign. Furthermore, we wish them all the very best of luck this season as they play in the Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Premiere League 2019.

Kimbolton Cricket Club’s Fixtures Board.

The sign was bought direct from our online shop, meaning the process of buying was very straightforward and simple. Firstly, the club chose a suitable size of 1.6 metres wide by 1.18 metres deep. This meant that it would fit perfectly as you enter the cricket ground and could also be positioned at 45 degrees. Consequently, the sign has the perfect angle for optimum visibility. The club decided on two lines of text for a main heading, with a further 4 lines for additional information. The chosen letter sizes therefore were LPM 15 and LPM 22. Next the club supplied a suitable high resolution logo. Lastly the club chose colours and static copy for the board. This meant that, we were then able to show proofs which the committee could sign off to print.

Final Job.

Readerboards happily advised on best materials, the size of the framework, as well as it’s final position. Fortunately, the club could position it so that it avoided facing directly west. Ultra Violet rays can lead to premature ageing, which means colours deteriorate quicker.

How to assemble a wooden frame to support a free standing outdoors changeable fixtures board for sports clubKimbolton is a picturesque town based in Cambridgeshire, close to the St.Neots. The town is famous for its Public School, pictureque church and historic buildings. The cricket club is based in the town. Full details of the clubs upcoming fixtures, committee members and membership, can be found on it’s website.

If you require further information on our fixture boards please use the contact form. Finally, we have produced an article to help with obtaining sponsorship for your new board. It can be found here.


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