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Designing a Changeable Sign

By 25th June 2019July 14th, 2019fresh news

Designing a Changeable Sign.

Designing a changeable sign is a very simply process. Firstly, you require to know the size of the changeable sign you wish to create. Here are some of the most popular ‘A’ sizes, but you are not restricted to these. A changeable sign can be any size you wish. Generally, a changeable sign will be A0, A1 or A2.

Letter Sizes.

The next stage is to choose a letter size. There are currently 5 letter sizes to choose from. These range from the tiny LPM 45 to our largest letter tile LPM 08.

Calculating How Much Tracking.

football cub fixture board. Designing a changeable signEvery changeable sign, using sliding plastic letters, requires letter tracking. We currently offer two type of tracking. You can choose either double capacity tracking or single capacity tracking. Both of these are also available in white or semi clear appearances. To assist with this we have published a useful guide. Finally, if you require some inspiration creating your changeable sign, we have a gallery of original changeable signs from the Great American Cinema Era for you to look through.


Visualising Your New Changeable Sign.

designing a changeable sign or fixture board with insitu proofingOnce you have chosen the sign’s new size, letter sizes and the correct amount of tracking, it is time to visualise it. This is a very simply process. Send over a good quality picture of either an existing sign or the area in which the new sign will be erected. Tell us the size of both the sign and which letter size you have chosen. Finally maybe include a typical message. To make this task as easy as possible, we have created a page on the site just for this purpose. We will then create an insitu drawing and return this on email to you.

Insitu Proofing.

designing a changeable sign with insitu proofing by readerboardsAs the name suggests, an insitu proof takes a plan or drawing of your proposed new changeable sign and superimposes it into your photograph, allowing you to see as close as practically possible, what your new readerboard will look like.  The insitu proofing will also prove invaluable when designing a changeable sign that needs planning permission from local authorities. Finally with every proof, you will also receive your very own, bespoke cart link, meaning there is no need to search the site for what you need. We have done it for you!!!