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Light Box Letters

By 14th July 2021fresh news

Light Box Letters

Light Box Letters are available to purchase from our online store right not! We offer 5 letter sizes. That is to say a letter size for every projcet. To sum up, we have letter sizes for drinks menus, promotional displays, food menus and even outside cinema style marquee signs. More info to follow shortly.

The Lightbox

Before purchasing your light box letters, you will need to source your lightbox off course. However, we do not sell these. Therefore we will give you a few tips.

The print industry, has a simple word to summarise this type of surface for your light box. It is known as perspex. However, what is a  typical specification for a light box surface? For instance try Opal Perspex®. This is an Acrylic Sheet. Furthermore it has a thirty seven per cent light transmission. To sum up, when using changeable letters, this is the ideal surface for light boxes. Perspex cast acrylic has been made in the UK since 1933 and trademarked in 1934.

The surface has a high gloss smooth finish on both sides.  In addition it is normally protected by an easy peel film. This means when working on your box the sheet will be protected . Furthermore, the channels you will use will also adhere to it well when using our workshop glue.

Opal Perspex® is a versatile material. What’s more it can be laser cut, CNC routed and drilled. Secondly, it can be polished, thermoformed or heat bent. Normally it is available in 3mm & 5mm thickness. For light boxes we would recommend 5mm.

Lastly you are going to need a light source. Choose carefully how powerful the light souce is. Too bright and it will penetrate the black plastic tile. For example, the black tile will appear milky and show up every slight scratch mark. Similarly, if it is too week, the desired effect will be lost!

Finally dont worry if this all seems a bit out of your skill set. Most importantly we can recommend companies who specialise in making light boxes.

Light box letters in menu board showing interchangeable plastic letters in american cinema styleLPM 45 clear letters are massive changeable letters, used to produce american style signs, meaning you are able to change the sign