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Changeable Diner Style Boards

By 26th July 2021fresh news

Changeable Diner Style Boards

Changeable Diner Style Boards are a fantastic visual asset to any food of drinks outlet. Moreover, these are available to purchase from our online store. Furthermore the style is truely unique, using our retro font known as Light House. The system is very simple to use. To sum up a Changeable Diner Style kit simply uses letter tiles you ping into place. The letter is held in place by a letter channel, known as a track. In addition, the letter channels are self adhesive. In other words, you can apply them very easily to most surfaces. However, we do reccomend our workshop glue. This will ensure a good solid bond.

Choosing a Kit to Fit Your Venue.

Our bundles page has a wealth of kit sizes starting at as little as £92.70. However, do not worry if the size you need isn’t listed. In other words, just call us on 0800 9 545 014 and we will be happy to help. Most importantly, we are going to have to know the area size you intend to work with. After that we can propose a bespoke kit that will fit.

Changeable Diner Style BoardsHow Will the Kit Look Once Up?

We understand you may have concerns. For example how it will read, or will it be too large? Luckily we have that solved! Most importantly, we offer proofing to keep you at ease. Firstly we ask for a typical menu. After that we super impose the letters and tracking into your board size. A jpeg proof is then produced and emailed over to you. Furthermore, this allows us to calculate your kit. Next we generate a cart link. For instance, your board area will require 10 metres of tracking and 2 sets of LPm 45 letter packs. You will receive this at the same time. You can pay this online with paypal.


Changeable Diner Style BoardsHelp with Assembling your Changeable Diner Style Boards.

Similary, we make assembling your new kit simple. We provide additional tools to help. Firstly, you will receive a cardboard template. Importantly, this will ensure your letter channels are the correct distance apart and straight. Finally we offer a drawing too. This will be enclosed in your kit. Above all this will guide you through where to start applying your letter channels. On average a kit is assembled in 45 minutes. You are now ready to start using your new changeable menu board.