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Interchangeable Plastic Letters for Signs

By 29th November 2021fresh news

LPM 08 clear letters are massive changeable letters, used to produce american style signs, meaning you are able to change the signInterchangeable Plastic Letters for Signs.

Our interchangeable Plastic Letters for Signs are made in the UK. This means  ‘£’ signs as standard. But, what else is included in each letter tile pack?  Naturally, this is one of the most common questions people have when thinking about a purchase. Therefore, in this article we are going to look at more cloely at that question.

What Is In Each Pack of Plastic Letters ?

Each pack of letters will contain 175 letter tiles. Moreover, these are made up of numbers, letters, punctuatiuon marks and symbols. More importantly, we have considered which letters are more widely used in the Engish alphabet. Consequently as a result, you will receive lots of vowels for example. However you will not receive many letters like W’s, X’s and Z’s. Below is the exact count. Once you are happy with the selection, you will need to calculate how many packs of letters you will need. Luckily we are on hand if in any doubt. Furthermore our UK deliveries are free. This means if you find you haven’t enough you can buy more at a later stage.

Also included in each pack are certain symbols, which we think you will find useful. Along with the symbols are decimal points, question marks, colons. Click on picture to the right hand side to view full count.

Price Boards And Numbers Using Interchangeable Plastic Letters

LPM 45 clear letters are massive changeable letters, used to produce american style signs, meaning you are able to change the signYou will certainly need to think about your number tiles if you are creating a board with prices. Let’s use a beer menu board as an example. If you have 10 beers that need displaying, that means ten or possibly twenty prices may need displaying. Furthermore you may wish to add the strenghts of the beers. In this case you are going to need proportionately more numbers compared to say a fixtures board. Conveniently we offer ‘numeral only packs‘. What’s more these are available in our smallest letter tile lpm45.

Alternatively use our lightweight letter packs. You may find these a much cheaper option.


Bespoke Selections.

We realise every order is bespoke. This means sometimes our prepacked Interchangeable Plastic Letters will not fully give you what you exactly need. Luckily yet more help is on hand. Every letter size (apart from LPm 08) is available as a bespoke order. Simply choose 30 tiles of letters, numbers or symbols. You will find out more about this here. During the checkout process you will get the option to choose red or balck plastic letters. What’s more red letters are fantastic for making a heading or special offer really stand out. For example ‘buy one get one Free’ or maybe its ‘50% off’!