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How to use Changeable Letters In Signs

By 8th March 2022fresh news

How to use Changeable Letters In Signs

Let’s look at how to use Changeable Letters In Signs. Lightweight letter solutions may just be the answer if you want to use Changeable Letters in a Sign. You may be planning on creating menu board for food or craft ales and need to change it regularly. You may have also already looked at our standard range of letters. However maybe you feel you need a more cost effective solution.

Lightweight Letters.

Tap Room Changeable Sign Board for Beer MenusIn early 2022 we responded to this common diplema and created ‘lightweight letters’.  This means, if you heart is set on creating a changeable menu board, there is now a more cost effective solution. Lighttweight letters are easy to use. Moreover, it takes very little time to prepare. Rather than buying packs pre collated and stacked in sets, Lightweight letters come in sheets. Furthermore, each sheet has all the same letters as standard packs. Simply and gently punch out the pre cut letters.

Importantly, lightweight letters have the same great retro appearance. What’s more, ink is black and the tiles are clear. However these are only intended for indoor use.

The Print Process

Lightweight letters are produced to keep costs as low as possible but retain quality. Achieving this goal is our main aim. Therefore we rely upon the digital printing process. This means you need to consider the application of these letters very carefully first. Consequently, digital printing can not produce the same solid black ink as screen printing. Nor can we print on exactly the same thickness of plastic material. Instead we use a much thinner acetate. This means they are not intended for lightboxes or signage where light is projected from behind. As a result, the light may penetrate the ink, resulting in a milky grey letter tile.

How to use Changeable Letters In Signs Once Received

Each order will come as two acetate sheets containing all 175 letter tiles. Once punched through the tile is ready to use. Importantly though you will immediately feel the tile is much lighter than standard pack tiles. However, the difference will not show once it is pinged into the letter channels and dispaying your new menu.