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What Do We Need to Know in the First Instance?

By 8th December 2015July 11th, 2017your questions answered

lpm15 tilelpm22

To get you a quotation for either a full readerboard or just tiles and tracks we need to know the following information which you can send through to us on our contact page:

The Size of the printed board. We can print virtually any size, but have you got a particular restriction on size. Maybe you have an existing size you which to replace. If so, tell us.

Are There any restrictions top be able to access the sign? For example, is the sign in a tight corner, meaning a sliding fascia can’t be used on one side?

Is the sign required for indoors or outdoor use?

If outdoor use, will you be requiring a tamper and weatherproof fascia applied?

Do you know what size letters you want? Or shall we advise?

How many words will you be requiring as a general rule. May be its a very simple sign or you may have other ideas of messages. Let us know your plans and what you intend to use the replaceable message board for.

How many tracks of letters do you need. If unsure we can advise you by calling our help desk on 0800 9 545 014


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