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Getting to use your Replaceable letter Sign

By 9th December 2015Tips, Uncategorised

This is probably your first Readerboard so it’s time to get used to it and — USE IT! Change the letters frequently as you like. The more you change the letters with fresh offers and messages the more people are going to notice it. Passing traffic weather in a car or on foot are visually redundant to familiarity. Something that constantly changes catches their attention every time! Use humour as this creates personality and bonding! Think about abbreviation as this will make you message even sweater and pack a powerful punch. A great idea is to link your message into a calendar event, but needn’t be so obvious as you might think. Here are just a few events using key words.

January –  Hungover

February – Love

March – Mum

April – Fool’s

May – Springs

June – Queen

July – Sun!

August – Holidays

September – No more kids!

October – Treats

November – BANG

December – Presents!

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