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Does My Readerboard Require Any Maintenance

By 4th December 2015December 8th, 2015Uncategorised, your questions answered

standard trackRigid PVC tracks are riveted onto sign board

Like any new purchase, the better it is looked after the longer it will last. Routine maintenance and the correct handling of a readerboard will ensure it lasts a long time. Here are a few tips.

Cleaning the tiles.

After a period of time the letter tiles will attract dirt and possibly water stains if used outdoors. A simple solution of water and washing liquid detergent and gently rubbing with a sponge will bring them back to life once again. We have heard of some people putting them through a dishwasher but wouldn’t recommend this.

Cleaning the Protective Fascia

Again washing detergent and a soft cloth or sponge on both sides will remove day to day markings and dirt.

Cleaning the Tracks

Debris may over a period of time start to build up in the bottom tracks. Just run a soft sponge through the track from left to right, allowing the sponge to absort or push out any debris.

Locking Devices / Security Bolts

The locking devices should not be over screwed into the board. Tighten the bolts, using the supplied security wrench to a point only where you are unable to rotate the black spacer. This will be sufficient to prevent them being opened. Do not be tempted to continue screwing beyond this point. It could damage the board or apply unnecessary pressure on the fascia.



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