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How Many Letter Tiles Will I Receive

By 7th November 2015February 1st, 2017your questions answered

Every Order you receive comes with a whacking 175 or 140 letter tiles, carefully chosen so you will probably never run out of letters to use and words to shout about.

Lpm 22 and 33 come with 175 letter tiles, Lpm 15 comes with either 175 or 140, whilst our latest tiny tile LPM45 comes with 350 as standard!

Below is our standard range of letters, showing how many you will receive with your order of one set. Click on this is you wish to download. Apart from the 26 letters and 9 numerals, you also receive a collection of other symbols. We also offer a replacement service. Please note the zero and letter ‘o’ are the only shared symbol. Please call the help line on 0800 9 545 014 for more details.

changing messages around with interchangeable lettersLPM 15 ONLYletter-count-350red-letter-count-web

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