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Is My Readerboard Going to be Weatherproof?

By 4th November 2015February 1st, 2017your questions answered

lpm15 letterslpm22 lettershape on white board

We offer essentially two types of Readerboards: Internal signs and external signs. If you require an external sign this will be presented as a weather and tamperproof system.

The Boards

We print directly onto a 3mm metal dibond sign, with a 3mm gauge. The inks used are hard, cured external inks designed to reflect harmful UV rays which speed up the aging process of print. Finally we apply a weatherproof, transparent laminate, either in high gloss or standard gloss to ensure your Readerboard withstands all the pressures that the British weather can throw at it!

The Tracks

The tracks are produced from a rigid PVC, so completely resilient to fading, weather damage and cracking and are applied using stainless steel rivets. To reduce any additional risk of water freezing inside the tracks, the protective fascia prevents rain water entering the tracks. In the unlikely event of any rain water building up,  the tracks also contain drainage holes.

The Tiles

Our Tiles are printed on to a 700 micron Acrylic Plastic and printed using a screen printed process with hard UV inks. Though the surface of the acrylic will attract light scratching  over time, the letters will retain an expected 90% ink coverage over a 5 year period with moderate use.

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