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By 24th November 2015Uncategorised

So we have landed! The first UK provider of the american style readerboards, that until now, have only been available for import.

So What is a Readerboard?

Quite simply, its a sign that has the ability to change it’s message daily by utilising a system of replacement letters and track for both indoor use and outdoor use. Add to this our tamper proofing systems we think you will be amazed at how simple and versatile our readerboards will be to use.

We have researched the american product thoroughly and improved the look, feel and usage for the UK market, utilising state of the art large formatted digital print, rigid pvc tracking, screen printed letter tiles, plus 7 additional components to bring to the market a robust and user friendly sign solution. It’s time now to transform your existing signage, update a tired sign board or ask for a complete audit and overhaul of your existing sign you have in place. All orders are hand assembled and come with a whacking 140 letter tiles ensuring you will never run out of things to shout about. You maybe are a sports club that wants to communicate better with your membership and visitors with a new fixtureboard or a school head who wants to ensure parents and students are all up to date with what’s happening in and around your school. A readerboard is a must see product and from as little as £149.99 you will find it amazing value for money. Enjoy the site and get it touch for more information. Below is the very first install in the UK of a readerboard and we gave it away free of charge as part of a community funding project. St.Neots Rugby Club chairman Colin Arber said ‘the club were absolutely thrilled with their new readerboard, replacing a tired and rusty sign system that was no longer fit for purpose’. He continued ; ‘ We are totally in awe of the work readerboards have done for us transforming our club entrance with a really warm and friendly greeting. We are getting used to the fact we can shout about anything we like from now on, from club fixtures, to the Christmas party and more importantly when membership fees are due maybe! But dont worry that’s a few months away from now.’

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