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Avoid Expensive Same day shipping on a Changeable Fixtureboard

By 26th January 2024February 12th, 2024fresh news

Avoid Expensive Same day shipping on a Changeable Fixtureboard

Avoid Expensive shipping on a Fixtureboard

Here’s how to avoid expensive shipping on a Fixtureboard. In the fast-paced world of sports, fixtureboards play a crucial role in keeping clubs and their supporters informed about upcoming events and matches. However, the logistics of transporting these boards efficiently can often pose a challenge. Here’s how to avoid expensive shipping on a Fixtureboard. For sports clubs throughout the UK, there’s a cost-effective solution that ensures safe transportation without breaking the bank – the two-piece changeable fixtureboard.


Avoid Expensive Same day shipping on a Changeable Fixtureboard

The Challenge of One-Piece Fixtureboards:

Traditional one-piece fixtureboards, while informative and visually appealing, present a significant challenge when it comes to transportation. Their size and fragility make them unsuitable for handover to same-day couriers, leading to higher shipping costs and increased risk of damage during transit. The need for specialised handling and packaging often adds an extra layer of expense, making one-piece fixtureboards less practical for clubs operating on tight budgets.


The Two-Piece Advantage:

Enter the two-piece changeable fixtureboard – a smart alternative that offers a host of benefits, including cost-effective transportation. Here’s how sports clubs can benefit from this innovative solution:

  1. Reduced Shipping Costs:
    • Two-piece fixtureboards are designed to be more manageable in size, making them eligible for standard courier services.
    • Smaller dimensions result in reduced shipping costs, allowing clubs to allocate their budgets more efficiently.
  2. Enhanced Packaging Confidence:
    • Unlike one-piece boards, which require specialized packaging to prevent damage, two-piece boards can be confidently packaged using standard materials.
    • Secure packaging ensures the safety of the fixtureboard during transit without the need for costly custom solutions.
  3. Easy Assembly and Disassembly:
    • The modular design of two-piece fixtureboards allows for easy assembly and disassembly.
    • This feature not only simplifies transportation logistics but also provides clubs with flexibility in storing over winter if required.
  4. Adaptability to Different Spaces:
    • Two-piece boards are versatile and can be designed to fit different spaces and layouts.
    • This adaptability not only enhances the visual appeal of the fixtureboard but also facilitates easier transportation and installation.
  5. Customization Options: Clubs can explore various customisation options with two-piece fixtureboards, tailoring them to their specific branding and design preferences. Customisation adds a personal touch to the boards, making them more engaging for supporters.


Avoid Expensive Same day shipping on a Changeable FixtureboardFor sports clubs in the UK looking to optimize their fixtureboard logistics without compromising on visual impact, the two-piece changeable fixtureboard emerges as a cost-effective and practical solution. The ability to transport these boards with confidence, coupled with reduced shipping costs, makes them an attractive choice for clubs aiming to streamline their operations and allocate resources wisely. Embracing the advantages of the two-piece fixtureboard not only simplifies the logistical challenges but also enhances the overall experience for clubs and their supporters alike