2 Piece ‘Courier Friendly’ Fixture Board





The Courier Friendly two piece Fixtureboard will dramatically reduce shipping costs to a mangeable £84.00 anywhere in th UK as opposed to same day courier service of £1.64 a mile!!! All you’ll need to do is join the two panels onto a plyboard!!! Then it’s ready to go, just like it’s bigger brother: the One Piece Fixtureboard.

A Hand built, 2 Piece Bespoke Fixture Board. Made from 3mm dibond ( metal) with a UV resistant lacquer applied. Weatherproof and Tamperproof. Fully assembled with weather shields and security devices in place over both panels. Ready to be attached to suitable sign board or wall. Proofs are produced from club crests and club colours provided. A digital replica fully installed into a supplied photo is also on offer. Proofs are offered prior to purchase with no commitment to buy. Click here for information form we require prior to starting proof

Final size of sign will be 1660mm x 1180mm deep as a default size. this is based on 2 panels each of 830mm x 1.180mm. Delivery costs are a standard £84.00 extra. Lead times from proof sign off and cleared funds are in the region of 10 working days. Watch video below for a fixture board in operation. Larger boards can be produced, please get in touch. Additional costs will be reqiured. All fixture boards come with more letters than you will need.

Once board is delivered  you will require a backboard if putting onto posts.  The two panels will require joining together to create the overal size of 1660mm x 1180mm. The board will have prompting marks printed, where screws should be attached to the two inner edges. A plyboard should be a minimum or 25mm thick and a minmum size of 1690mm x 1210mm. This will allow for a boarder of 15mm on all edges. It is thoroughly reccomended to concrete the posts into the ground. We do not offer any post work.

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Add a Courier delivery charge of £84.00 to your 2 piece Fixtureboard


A full breakdown of all components are available. Feel Free to contact one of our support team members to discuss your fixture board in more detail: call 08009 545 014. Why not get the board sponsored and let someone else pay for it: Click here for more details

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