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Where our tracks and letters have ended up this week?

A quick tour around the internet has brought up various different ways our plastic sliding letters, letter tracks and complete changeable sign kits can be used. Here’s a picture (Left) of  This year’s Brighton Fringe Festival’s Speigeltent who purchased just tracking for their own American Style readerboard letters, plus a shot of newly opened MadChef in Glasgow who seem to be having lots of fun with 2 sets of LPm 22 and 10 metres of tracking in their newly refurbished restaurant in Glasgow Scotland

Changeable letter board with sliding pastic letters
using a letterboard to change messages with plastic letters

Mad Chef are showing just how important a sign system like this can be to your overall social media strategy. Thing about creating a personality with what your are saying, as people will start to respond, be more social with you and more importantly share across their own networks your words and increase your own followings. With 140 letter tiles as standard you certainly wont run out of letters that’s for sure, but don’t necessary go for lengthy comments!