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New Letter Size Coming Soon!

By 9th May 2016February 2nd, 2017Display Letters and Tracks

Our latest letter Size has now been designed and will be available by end of May. Like its bigger brothers LPM 22 and LPM 15 the font is again our own specially designed typeface known as LightHouse. It will be measuring a mere 62mm high x 31mm wide and available in Clear 700 micron rigid PVC.

LPM 33 delivers 33 letter per metre and has a readership of up to 10 metres. Due to it’s structure LPM 33 optically is a more spacious font with proportionally more space between each tile, making it a contemporary letter design, whilst retaining the origins of its heritage of marquee Cinema Typography from the American 1950’s.

The smaller dimensions, make it ideal for listings and menus for pubs, bars and coffee houses where large amounts of display letters are required across a relatively small area. The font is available to purchase on its own, with letter trackings and as part of a full readerboard for both outdoors and indoor uses. LPM 33 is as simple to use as all our sliding plastic letters are. Simply slide into the plastic letter tracks or bend and ping in! The letter tiles are both rigid and flexible at the same time and engineered to be used on own letter trackings