Once tracking in in place on your board and you have secured the channels with additional fixings, it’s time to think about protecting the new changeable sign from wind, rain and UV rays. Search the web forĀ  2mm perspex. This will slide inside the outer capacity of our double capacity tracks. Ensure you get your specific dimensions right and accurate. Too sort on height will mean it will be too loose. Too long on width will mean it will not fit. If using a channel width of over 1 metre, think about 2 screens. One slides in from right and the other in from the left. A little gap in the middle where they meet will be beneficial to allow for air flow and reduce condensation.

Dont be alarmed if you perspex arrives looking like it’s not clear. They are coated with a printed plastic protection, which easliy peels off!!!

Perspex screens not available on buy separately on the site.