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Lindum Cricket Club

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Another Changeable Sports Club Board completed, this time for Lindum Cricket Club in Lincolnshire. The board contains 5 line of replaceable letters and tracks, protected by a tamper weather shield and is delivered with 4 sets of LPm22 letter tiles.

Lindum is a large cricket club, catering for all levels and age groups from under 6 year olds, right through to senior levels. Each age group has its own distinguishable names such as Warriors and Gladiators. This was to be a major consideration in the boards design as our letter tracks had to have sufficient lenght to hold these long names.

This consideration was compounded further by their fixtures for the season 2016. On closer inspection their opponents have also long names such as Woodhall Spa 1st XI, Upton Cum Kexley and ‘App Frodingham 2nds’ so we had to look for the longest track lenghts possible whilst retaining their maximum width for their desired sign. However, after a few attempts we had arrived at an agreeable design using our LPM 22 letter range that was able to deliver 22 letters per one metre and a viewing distance of over 50 metres.

Production from ‘sign off’ of proof to completion was a little over 6 days – 2 days quicker than we had promised. We wish Lindum Cricket Club well this season and thanks for the business lads and ladies!

If you are looking for a changeable board for your sports club, give us a call on 0800 9 545 014 and we’ll even help with a few tips on finding a sponsor. It means your boards could cost : £0.00!

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