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DIY Outdoor Cinema sign

By 13th March 2019fresh news

A Tip on a DIY Outdoor Cinema Sign

You can buy bundles of changeable letters and tracks from the readerboards shop and easily make it weatherproof and tamperproof yourself. There isnt always a need to employ us to make a bespoke Outdoor Cinema Sign. Here’s how to create a DIY Outdoor Cinema Sign. You will firstly need to ensure that in the notes in your cart you request some double capacity tracks ┬áin your order. These will be used to house a plastic fascia.

Plastic Fascia For DIY Outdoor Cinema Sign.

A plastic fascia for an outdoor sign is made from 2mm perspex. It slides along the second capacity of a top track and bottom track of your message, meaning your letters are safe and not effected by a sliding screen. We can advise on the size you need and offer a drawing to establish the exact size. However, a weather shield can easily be used for up to 6 channels of letters. You will not need a weather shield for each channel of letters. We can even put you directly in touch with a supplier once you are ready to buy.

How to secure down the screen and make your DIY Outdoor Cinema Sign Tamperproof Yourself

A plastic shield protects your letters and tracks from harmful UV rays and high winds. It can also though, prevent tampering if it can be effectively DIY ideas for outdoor changeable cinema style signs with changeable letterssecured in place over the message. This can be done very simply by using a small padlock at each end of the fascia. Drill through the tracks using a 3.5mm drill bit. Create two holes for each fascia you are using. One hole at the right hand side of the tracking and one at the left hand side. Ensure the drill hole is just 2 or 3mm from the end of the tracks. Next source a very small padlock. Then slide the screen across the message and push through the two small padlocks. Your sign will now be secured and tamper proofed.

Finally remember our standard LPM tracking and double capacity tracks come with self adhesive strips. These are NOT intending for outdoor use and additional gluing or riveting is required

Alternatively, off course get in touch with us and enquire about a bespoke outdoor Cinema style sign.