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Changeable Letters and Light Boxes

By 4th March 2019fresh news

Changeable Letters and Light Boxes

Here are some tips on using Changeable Letters and Light Boxes together. So let’s look at the best surfaces for light boxes.An illuminated backboard with sliding US style cinema sign letters being placed into letter tracks What surface material you should be looking for? What are the best surfaces to use with your new changeable letters?

Firstly changeable letters, need a translucent surface. This means only a certain amount of controlled light passes through the board, but not too much so as to also penetrate the plastic letters. This will make the letters appear to be a milky grey and not a strong solid black.

Finding a Lightbox Surface For Your Changeable Sign.

The print industry, has a simple word to summarise this type of surface for your light box, which is known as an ‘opal’ perspex. Here is a typical specification for a light box surface you will need to source:

Opal Perspex® Acrylic Sheet has a thirty seven per cent light transmission. This is ideal for the surface of light boHead Brewer setting up tap room cask ale menu baord with retro style changeable lettersxes when using changeable letters. Perspex cast acrylic has been made in the UK since 1933 and trademarked in 1934.

The surface has a high gloss smooth finish on both sides and is normally protected by an easy peel film. This  means your lightbox surface is going to be protected when working on creating your box. Furthermore, the channels used for your changeable letters will also adhere to it well when using our workshop glue.

Opal Perspex® is a versatile material, so it can be laser cut, CNC routed and drilled. It can also be polished, thermoformed and heat bent. Normally it is available in 3mm & 5mm thickness. For light boxes we would recommend 5mm.

If this all seems a bit out of your skill set, we can recommend companies who specialise in this type of work.

Suppliers of Lightboxes and Opal Surfaces.

For surfaces for lightboxes contact: GJ Plastics

For bespoke hand built lightboxes contact: Lightabox

or for general enquiries do not hesitate to drop us a line or email us from the contact page.