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Using our Changeable letters and Tracking in a Lockable Poster Display Case?

By 16th September 2016February 2nd, 2017fresh news

If you have decided that a full tamperproof and weatherproof sign system to display a changeable message, menu or for an upcoming event doesn’t rock your boat, you may well consider using our letter and tracking systems in an outdoor lockable Poster Display Case instead.

If you are, then it wont take long to find an online supplier. However, here is a list of handy tips to consider before you push that button and buy one! These tips are based on feedback from customers who have done just that:


  • Always buy a poly carbonate screen to the display case and not toughened glass. No matter how tough it is, a would be vandal will look upon this as a challenge. Poly carbonate is unbelievably resilient and virtually unbreakable


  • Make sure it comes with wall mounting fixings. It can be a real heartache having to search around a DIY shop for the correct screws and brackets. If you stumble across a bargain, they will often forget to mention it comes with no fixings!


  • Though these poster display cases claim to be waterproof, what often isn’t mentioned is condensation build up. Ask before you buy about any vent systems


  • Doors are a real consideration! Look for Lockable Display cases for your letter and tracks which come with a lockable hinge mechanism. On a windy day it can be almost impossible to stop the door swinging backwards and forwards. Either you will find the door breaks off completely or you trap your finger in it as a result!


  • Finally! Keys! Make sure you get at least one spare. Most online providers of lockable sign systems offer 3 at least. It will be almost impossible to get a new one cut

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