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Using A Sign with Changeable Letters

By 5th March 2021fresh news

Using A Sign with Changeable Letters

When using a sign with changeable letters, there are several great tips. Firtsly let’s look at the letter tiles. You will be surprised when the order arrives, at the amount of letters you will receive. By buying from our online shop and not physically holding them all  first, you may be shocked at the amount. Furthermore on average you will receive at least 175 tiles. However if you purchase LPM45 for example, this will be double that figure, which means you will receive 350 in total. What’s more, often customers require 2 or more sets. This is often the case when building changeable menu boards or light box displays with our bundles range.

Working with Changeable Letter Signs

When working with our letters for your sign project, we thoroughly reccommend our range of handy letter trays. Luckily these are available in several sizes and formats to suit your particular sign project. Conveniently delivered with your order, means there will never be a need to have letters scattered all around you. Furthermore, changing your new message will be so much quicker using a letter tray.

Letter Trays

How best to store changeable letters for your letter board or changeable sign containing plastic sliding lettersEach tray is comprised of identicle compartments and comes with a hinged plastic lid. More oten than not, we advise customers to carefully remove the lid. Therefore creating in effect a tray in which the letter tiles can sit upright.  Each letter tray on average and depending on your letter size, comes with at least 16 compartments. Therefore simply ‘double up’ As and Bs as well as Cs and Ds etc etc. However, you may wish to purchase two trays and have each of our letters or symbols in there very own compartment.

Finally watch out for our offers. Often they are offered free of charge on carts over a specific value. If you wish to purchase your own, search around the internet. Often they can be found on craft suppliers, fishing tackle providers or industrial component web sites.