Bundle for A frames with Changeable Letters (LPM 22)


Pavement A Frames with Changeable Letters

Letter Size: LPM 22

Total Track Length: 16 metres



Pavement A Frames with Changeable Letters

So what do you get with your Kit For Pavement A Frames with Changeable Letters?

  • one Free 2/3 day delivery
  • Cardboard template to get tracking correct distance apart
  • Online link to support installation
  • 175 LPm letter tiles per pack See letter sizes here
  • 16 metres of self adhesive tracking for internal use in 50cm sections. 32 piece of 50cms
  • Please Note: A Frame NOT included

Try our Pavement A Frames with Changeable Letters Sign kits instead of searching through our shop for the correct letter size and tracking lengths for your Pavement A Frame. We have bundled up our most popular products for you to pick. This means each bundle has been pre assembled and include, letters, tracks and cardboard template. Though our tracks are self adhesive and stick well to most indoor surfaces, we are not able to give cast iron guarantees. However, you will always receive additional tracks for testing. Alternatively, purchase our workshop glue here if in doubt. Outdoor use will require additional fixings

The Letter Tiles

Letters are clear plastic with black ink. They are produced using a print process known as screen printing, which results in solid black letters for your Pavement A Frames. Furthermore, f you want to be very organised and efficient we also offer a variety of letter cases to keep your letter tiles in. This means, not only will your letters be safe, but also much quicker to change


Tracks are available in 50 cm sections. For example, if you order 6 metres, you will receive 12 pieces of 50cms. Moreover, they are produced from semi transparent rigid plastic pvc and are bundled in interlocking blocks for ease of packing. Simply remove packing tape and separate sections. If considering outdoor use, you will need to consider UV damage, weather damage and tampering of your letters. Ask about our bespoke sign projects produced in our workshops