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LPM 45 Bundles.

LPM 45 bundles contain our tiny letter tile, which means you can create signage projects, where the message can be changed. Choose a tracking amount that suit your needs.

Work out how much tracking you need here

LPM 45 letter size here

Try our Letterboard Sign kits instead of searching through our shop for the correct letter size and tracking lengths, We have bundled up our most popular products for you to pick. This means each bundle has been pre assembled and include, letters, tracks and cardboard template.


If you require support, why not ask for a Free drawing of your ideas first. We will send over a jpeg showing your mesage board idea with the letter size you have chosen and your unique message. We can even super impose it in a photograph. Check out our situ proofing.

Important Information.

Though the tracks come with a self adhesive strip outdoor signage will require additional gluing or riveting. We are unable to give any cast iron guarantee to the effectiveness of our self adhesive tracks, due to vast amount of differing surfaces and conditions, such as steam, condensation and heat. A spare piece of tracking is always supplied. Use this piece to gauge the effectiveness of the adhesive strip on your chosen surface. Our workshop glue is available to purchase on the site.