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Plastic Tracking for Sliding letters explained

By 1st September 2016January 31st, 2017fresh news, Tips

Our plastic tracking has been carefully formulated to house our american style sliding letter systems. The tracking is purchased online in 50cm sections. Each section has a full lenght self adhesive strip applied to the back of the tracking. When ready to apply tracking simply remove the strip and use the cardboard template supplied to get the tracking the correct distance apartĀ for your letter size.diagram of tracking explained 2

Above is a diagram of how to calculate how much tracking your removable sign will require.

With every order of our letter tracks you will receive a cardboard template. This is specific to the letter size you chose and will assist with the assembly of your tracking. It will ensure that your tracking is the exact distance apart for your changeable letter pack and parallel. See below how to use the cardboard template: