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Menu Board Ideas For Beers

By 11th December 2019August 3rd, 2020fresh news

Menu Board Ideas For Beers

There are lots of Menu Board Ideas for Beers, but have you considered a retro American changeable Sign?  A menu board using changeable letters may just be the answer. This means will you be able to change the list of beers regularly, but also pack a huge visual punch with our retro American letter fonts. Bundles are available in our shop, which means you do not need to spend long finding exactly what you need. Read more about our Menu Board Ideas For Beers.


Letters For Beer Menus

There are 5 sizes available, meaning there is a letter size for your space and message. Each pack of changeable letters come with a 175 letters, symbols and numbers. As a bar owner you will need letters for the beer names off course. You will need percentage symbols for beer strengths, pound signs and decimal points for prices. Thankfully all our packs contain these. Moreover, we also offer Euro symbols and dollar signs, perfect if you are an international customer.

Changing your Menu Board For Beers.

Menu Board Ideas For Beers and wines using changeable LettersOur plastic letters have been designed by our own in house typographer, meaning we own the intellectual property. This means you will be assured that there is no copy writing issues. Changing the sign is simple, taking just a few moments of your time. Letter cases are available to purchase, which makes managing and changing your sign a doddle. Simple ping the letters into the tracks. When using our smallest letter tile, we suggest sliding these along the tracks. Likewise, when removing the letters for a new beer, simply ping out again and replace into the letter case.


Kits Or Bespoke Projects for Beer Menu Boards?

The site sells an abundance of letter and tracks. You can buy these in convenient bundles, which are generally up to 10% cheaper. Luckily, if we haven’t got exactly what you need in a bundle for your new beer menu, you can purchase both separately. We also offer bespoke signage projects for menu boards, produced in our own workshops. Here, we can produce all your graphics requirements for both indoor and outdoor signage, as well as tamper proofing your letters, once in the tracks.