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Marquee Sign in States Gets headline News

By 22nd September 2016February 1st, 2017Frankly Speaking, fresh news, Uncategorised

Just by putting a few letters in a particular order on a changeable sign can create a national tide of social media frenzy, political divide, but huge successful PR for a Tony seafood Diner.

This is exactly what has happened in the US and it all surrounds the Gun law debate and what Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton referenced a few days ago! Though the gun law and 5th amendment is at the centre of this, what it shows us at Readerboards in the UK beyond any doubt, is how powerful this simple system of changeable letters and tracks can have on your business.

We’ve been harping on about uploading your signs to social media for well over a year now and introducing you to the power of visual social media. Well, here is the classic of examples. The owner of the diner has probably received his greatest ever exposure and the joint is packed every day. Possibly you could be cynical and say this was part of a well-orchestrated marketing campaign off course, and we think you’re been absolutely right, but what a simple and powerful tool a changeable sign can be in the right hands!