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Joke of the Week Using A Changeable Sign

By 18th March 2024fresh news

Joke of the Week Using Changeable Sign


Joke of the Week Using Changeable SignHere’s an interesting tale about a Joke of the Week Using Changeable Sign

Burgers and beer have long been a classic pairing. It satisfies the cravings of many food enthusiasts looking for a hearty and delicious meal. Imagine stumbling upon a charming burger and beer shop. Here the aroma of sizzling patties fills the air, and the promise of a cold brew beckons you inside.

Now, picture this establishment taking their marketing strategy to the next level.  They utilise a very simple yet highly effective interchangeable sign to draw in both local visitors and online audiences. Readerbaords are absolutely delighted to see a customer utilsing our product in this way. It’s exactly what we have been harping on about for years!

Smashed Preston stands out not only for its mouthwatering menu but also for its clever use of social media engagement. By hanging an interchangeable sign in their restaurant, they create FUN.  Furthermore it is an interactive way to connect with their patrons.

Seeking to engage the online community, the shop posts a weekly cheeky call-to-action on Instagram. Here they invite followers to share their best joke of the week using a specific hashtag.

The Creative Approach

This creative approach generates buzz on social media. Furthermore, it also encourages followers to interact with the brand in a lighthearted manner. The promise of winning free beer and food excites participants. It allows them to unleash their inner comedians and share their wittiest jokes. As the submissions roll in throughout the week, the shop’s social media presence grows. This means drawing new followers eager to join in the fun.


Joke of the Week Using Changeable Sign


The anticipation builds as the deadline approaches. The shop’s followers eagerly awaiti the announcement of the winning joke. The lucky participant is rewarded with a generous prize – a complimentary meal paired with their choice of beer. This is a token of appreciation for their humor and creativity.

The winning joke is then proudly displayed on the interchangeable sign. It is a showcase of the wit and charm of the shop’s online community.

They blend traditional signage with modern social media engagement. This burger and beer shop successfully captivates both local patrons and online audiences.

Their innovative approach  drives foot traffic to the restaurant. It also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among their followers. So next time you’re craving a delicious burger and a cold beer, keep an eye out for that inviting sign – you might just be inspired to share a joke and win a savory reward.

Smashed purchased a simple letter bundle from us a few years back. Well done Smashed!!!!