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Installing your New Readerboard

By 4th November 2015July 26th, 2017your questions answered

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Your new Readerboard will have been pre assembled prior to dispatch with the tracks and protective screens all in place along with letter tiles you have chosen. Please note there will be a small sachet attached to your board with your security device and spare security screws and spacers. This is now totally functional. All you will require to do is drill at least 8 holes into the board prior to applying to your existing signboard or new sign board. There is no need for any other procedure. Please remember that metal boards are extremely fragile prior to be placed on your sign board or wall, so leave all packaging in place until the moment you are erecting it.

Here are a few useful tips to get the very best out of your new sign:

1. Though not always possible, try avoiding due west aspects or positions as prolonged, hot sunny summer days will speed up the aging process.

2. If you are NOT intending on changing your message on the sign during a sporting closed season, take the letters out! Again heat in the summer months can build up inside the weatherproof screens and intensive heat on exactly the same spot can warp the tiles. Alternatively off course keep changing the message!

3. Cleaning the sign will be required as any outdoor sign will require, with dirt and general weather stains building up over the course of a year. Just use soapy water to clean the sign and kitchen wipes to run through the tracks to pick up any build up of dirt in the tracks. 

4. Screwing the security devices into place is a simple process to prevent somebody tampering with the letters, however, do not be tempted not to use them! Using the security key, place the bolt through the black spacer with the larger aperture in the spacer facing down onto the board. This will sit over the bolt thread on the board. Screw the bolt in, until tight. See gallery below.

5. Scratching will appear on tiles are you use the letters more and more in an outdoor environment. Taking them out wet, dust and dirt build up and general wear and tear will be the main reasons. However do not be alarmed. The majority of these scratches will be totally invisible in front of the white message area and as you start to move away from the board the scratches will not be noticed! 

6. Removing and returning the Screens.

Each screen will contain one security device. Once unscrewed, collect the bolt and spacer and keep safe. Now slide the screen of the tracks, ensuring you slide in the opposite direction and away from security thread mounting on the board. This will prevent scratching the screens each time. Replace the screens in the same manner.

Good Luck

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